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About us

About Us


Creative and Flexible, Promise and Speed, Effective supply chain control and Quality workmanship

We live in paradoxical times. The world is more complicated than the past. How we turn days and nights to whatever that brings us for a good life is still a myth. The crap that you learn in the past will not work in the future.


Enhanced mobility allows us to see the world but still connected to home. Walking out of your room, you have the feelings that you are young enough to say. You are fully prepared – you have the hope, and Umigo Technology Alliance bring you the hope.


Our Story


Umigo Technology Alliance was founded in China with alliance network in Hong Kong and Singapore. Start from the beginning, we are a bags and cases OEM and ODM manufacturer offering customization services.


Although Umigo Technology Alliance is still a young and growing enterprise, we expanded rapidly all the way with enhanced tempo of technologies and globalization, we are always changing and adapting to meet the market needs. We believe we can cater to your requests because we have a dedicated team of people and outstanding supply chain and productivity.


So now, we are fully prepared with a wide range of products - storage accessories such as laptop bags, tablet sleeves, camera bags, smartphone cases, CD bags and many more. We provide the most complete range of storage accessories in the industry.


Our Mission


To become a leading global bag manufacturer by showing a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and a continuing determination to exceed them through design, quality, value and service.


Our Values


At the core of everything we do at Umigo Technology Alliance are our values:


  • Creative and Flexible,
  • Promise and Speed,
  • Effective supply chain control and Quality workmanship


We focus upon these key aims with every decision we make, and with every personal we encounter.


Our Vision


Exceptional design and quality as well as managing international supply chain coupled with trust and reliability makes Umigo Technology the ideal choice to be the leading global bag manufacturer by serving the market demand. We are striving to be the world class provider in the market. 

Our Enterprise Structure
Umigo Technology Alliance is formed by three part: Umigo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Remigo Design Limited and Umigo Technology Metallic Department.
Umigo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, together with its fully subsidary company, Guangzhou Umigo Plastics & Hardware Co., Ltd are solely responsible for the manufacturer of the storage accessories;
Remigo Design Limited will deals with the design part;
While Umigo Technology Metallic Department is fully in charge of the manufacturing of the metallic products.


About Us



About Us 


Our General Manager

Umigo's General Manager, Mr. Philip Chua (pic)